Continuo organ

Small in size, great sound
Small in size and lightweight. Yet great, colourful, mild and with a surprisingly full voice because of its wooden pipes.
Additional advantages include a good tuning stability ( also when transported) and rapid adaptation to temperature changes .

Easy to transport
Our continuo organs are easy to tune, without special tools ( e.g. equal temperament, Werckmeister, meantone). A pull-out ( reverse) keyboard enables a comfortable sitting position and a pleasant touch. The split stops ( bass and treble) can be operated with one ( left) hand. If necessary the organ can be transported on its side.

It is possible to add pedals and a second keyboard.
This will make it an organ suitable for organ-students

Range: C-f’’’
Dimensions: 113x84x49/64 ( dependent on disposition)
Weight: 80/90 kg
A 392/415/430/440/465 Hz


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