Continuo organ

Small in size, great sound
Small in size and lightweight. Yet great, colourful, mild and with a surprisingly full voice because of its wooden pipes.
Additional advantages include a good tuning stability ( also when transported) and rapid adaptation to temperature changes .

Easy to transport
Our continuo organs are easy to tune, without special tools (from meantone to equal). A pull-out ( reverse) keyboard enables a comfortable sitting position and a pleasant touch. The split stops ( bass and treble) can be operated with one ( left) hand. If necessary the organ can be transported on its side.

It is possible to add pedals and a second keyboard.
This will make it an organ suitable for organ-students

Together with you we design the instrument. Depending on your wishes, we could advise the disposition, compass and transposition options. Beside that, several options are available regarding wood and case design.

Expansion to a practice organ
If you prefer to have a practice organ at home, but still being able to travel with the continuo organ itself, it is possible to add a pull-down (or independent) pedal or/and a second manual. You can easily remove those and bring your (small) continuo organ to a concert venue.

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