Choir organ (movable)

Option 1:

Because of our continuo organ, we are used to work in small cases and make organs with lots of possibilities within the available space. In the galery below you can find some examples. We have made these type of organs for both historical as well as modern situations.

Option 2: Movable organ
If you are looking for an organ that should be used for choir conducting, but that also could be removed (if necessary) this might be an interesting option.
A compact instrument, based on our continuo organs. This results in an organ that could be moved quite easily, with all the characteristics of a choir organ.
Disposition will be determined with you, here are some examples:
Manual I: Gedackt 8′ and Rohrflute 4′
Manual II: Quintadena 8′ and Octave 2′

Manual I: Gedackt 8′, Rohrflute 4′, Flute 2′ and Quint 2 2/3′ (treble)
Manual II: Quintadena 8′ and Regal 8′

Compass: C-f’’’ / C-g”’
a 392/415/430/440/465 Hz

– Regal 8’ of 16’
– Principal 8’, C-e next to the case
– Pedal (C-d’ / C-f)

Klop Orgels background image