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Since 1961
Klop has specialized in building harpsichords and organs since the 1960s. This was the period when baroque music was undergoing a revival, but at that time there was a lack of original instruments; genuine harpsichords and organs with an authentic sound. Gerrit Klop took up the challenge and since 1961 has developed to become a professional builder of baroque instruments. 

International reputation
The name of Klop has earned itself an international reputation, synonymous for traditional instruments, craftsmanship and reliability. Synonymous too for authentic tone colour, durability and technical perfection. This tradition has been continued since 1995 by Gerrit Klop’s son Henk, together with ten highly motivated craftsmen. Since 2014, (grand)son Niels joined the tradition. Just as many instrument makers did in the Golden Age, we build organs as well as harpsichords. At first sight they appear to be totally different instruments, however they are closely related to each other in terms of sound projection, playing style and fine woodworking techniques.

Detailed finish
We build our harpsichords in the style of historical examples. Even so, there is still plenty of scope for you to add your own individual features, both in the choice of the test instrument and the final design and decoration. Even the fine and careful detailing of the beautiful cabinetwork clearly shows the pure baroque character of the instruments. After all, quality is not limited to sound and finish alone. Quality also means long-term reliability. Or as we say: Craftsmanship to the last detail.

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