Widely applicable
The spinets , made by Klop, are characterized by a clear vocal sound . They are excellent for the home musician, but also as a continuo instrument in smaller ensembles.
In addition, a spinet is particularly suitable for use in music schools. Most children feel more at ease at a spinet then at a harpsichord. Moreover, the spinet can also be used, for instance, in the recorder lessons. 
Suitable for the entire harpsichord literature.
Whoever wishes to play the complete harpsichord repertoire, can choose a spinet with a range of five octaves. The spinets from the Klop workshop have an excellent tuning stability . Thanks to the smaller dimensions the spinet will fit in nearly every car. For each spinet is an interesting hire-purchase arrangement possible.  Specifications
– 17th century English bent-side type
– Range BB-f’’’( can be tuned as a short octave) or FF-f’’’( reverse keyboard)
– 8’and divided buff stop
– Length of the backside 150/160 cm
Klop Orgels background image