Chamber organ Merano (Meran)

In 2010 we delivered a chamber organ to the music school in Merano (IT). Back then, the organ was placed at a temporary studio. Last week we moved the organ to the new school in Merano.


Compass: C-g”’, Pedal: C-f’
Manual I: Praestant 8′, Holtpijp 8′, Octaaf 4′, Octaaf 2′, Regal 8′ and Gamba 8′ (prospect, from c’)
Manual II: Fluitdoes 8′, Roerfluit 4′, Nasard 2 2/3′, Fluit 2′ and Terts 1 3/5′
Pedal: Subbass 16′ and Bourdon 8′

2 pedalcouplers, 2 manualcouplers and a tremolo

Klop Orgels background image